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Boiler insurance vs Boiler cover

Most of us don’t think about our central heating and hot water very often, we just take it for granted that it will carry on doing its job day in, day out. However, like anything, boilers can and do go wrong or break down from time to time so you need to have boiler cover in place for peace of mind that if this happens in your home then a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer will be round to fix it quickly and with no hassle or additional charges.

Boiler warranty up to 10 years on all boilers

No need for boiler insurance - we include warranty as standard

At Boiler Plan we believe in keeping things simple for our customers. That’s why when we install a brand new boiler, all our boilers are covered by a manufacturers guarantee of up to 10 years, for no extra cost. This means you don’t need to worry about paying an ongoing monthly fee for boiler insurance to cover repairs, labour and parts.

What’s covered with our new boilers:

  • No charge for parts
  • No charge for a callout
  • No charge if a new boiler is put in
  • No monthly charge for boiler warranty

To hear more about the cover included with our new boilers simply call 0800 61 22 302

Compare boiler cover

At Boiler Plan we like to do things differently from the rest. With us, you won’t need to pay any extra boiler insurance charges to cover your boiler against breakdown, new parts, labour, or even replacement after you purchase one of our boilers. However, not all companies are the same as us. Here are a few examples of their charges and what that covers (and also what it doesn’t cover).

British Gas

  • Prices from £12 per month
  • Repairs to boiler and controls
  • Price is dependant on including a £60 excess
  • Cap at £1,000 cost to gain access and make good for each repair
  • Includes accidental damage
  • Includes annual boiler service
  • Not covered – removing sludge or scale or removing the damage it causes if we tell you it might be a problem for your boiler
  • Not covered – showers or taps
  • Not covered – repairs to the central heating system or radiators
  • Faults caused by someone else used for repairs or design faults


  • Prices from £10.99 per month (Customer care package)
  • Customer care package only available for boilers that were installed by Help-Link
  • Repairs to your boiler and controls
  • Parts and labour included (limits apply)
  • Repairs to central heating system, including radiators and pipework
  • No excess to pay
  • Annual boiler service
  • Unlimited call outs per contract year


  • Prices from £8 per month
  • Repairs to boiler and controls
  • Replacement of heat exchanger
  • A noisy boiler
  • Not covered – faulty radiators
  • Not covered – water pipes, tanks and cylinders external to your boiler
  • Not covered – gas pipe leading into your meter
Ways tp pay for boiler installation quick affordable

We make buying a new boiler quick, convenient and affordable

Our Gas Safe registered engineers only install A-rated boilers that come with a free warranty of up to 10 years, so you don’t need to pay for additional boiler insurance.

Our quick and easy process:

Follow these few simple steps to get a brand new boiler that’s covered for all call outs, labour and parts for up to 10 years

  1. Get an instant quote specific to your requirements.
  2. We’ll respond within 24 hours and arrange for one of our experts to conduct a survey at your home. If you’re short for time you can choose a video survey instead.
  3. A local boiler engineer will do a technical survey at your home and install your new A+ rated boiler – this can all be done within 48 hours.
  4. We understand that buying a boiler is not an expected purchase that you’ve budgeted for, so we offer a range of payment plans that allow you to have your new boiler installed exactly when you need to without delay.
  5. Our customer service team are with you every step of the way with continued support even after your boiler has been installed.