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How to reduce your gas bill

In the aftermath of another UK lockdown and a year mainly spent at home, many of us will be dealing with climbing utility bills.

These payments are one of the biggest annual costs for families and can be overwhelming to deal with. However, saving money on gas bills can actually be an easy feat.

There are a number of smart, simple ways to cut costs and make a positive environmental impact too.

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What is the average monthly gas bill in the UK?

It is difficult to calculate the exact average in the UK, although the monthly combined energy bill is estimated to sit at around £110pm, but that is certainly not the cheapest deal you can land. The average gas bill alone is a little over £50 a month, adding up to an eye-watering amount over the course of a year. An hour’s worth of gas in your home costs around 4p.

The energy industry breaks down households into three main groups; high, medium and low use. High gas users are usually households of four or more with around four bedrooms, who spend a lot of time at home. These households clock up an average of 17,000 kWh per year and a gas bill of just over £700.

Those in the medium energy group may be a smaller family in a three-bedroom house who are out of the house most of the day (full-time work with kids at school). Usage is usually around 12,000 kWh each year, equating to an annual gas bill of around £500.

Low energy users are contrastingly a single or two-person household working full-time and living in a small house or a flat. Energy usage is around 8,000 kWh, with an average gas bill of around £330.

Your household type will also affect the type of central heating system you need and you can find out which boiler system is best for your home with our dedicated guide.

Switch energy providers for a lower monthly bill

 Shopping around when it comes to energy suppliers is one of the easiest ways to score a better deal on your tariff. Using a price comparison tool is the best way to see what different providers have to offer without committing to a plan.

Switching energy providers regularly (every few years or so) has no real cons and ensures you are continually getting a good deal. This money-saving tip takes just a few minutes and is more-often than not, free to do.

Improve insulation throughout your home

Another way to significantly reduce monthly gas payments is by improving your insulation. Heat-loss means that you could be fighting a losing (and expensive) battle with your thermostat. Improving your insulation can make a huge difference to the temperature of your home and ensures that your gas is being used more economically.

Loft insulation

25% of your home’s heat escapes through your roof and despite the initial cost of fitting, your annual savings will soon land you in a surplus. You can expect annual savings of £250 for a detached house and £150 for a semi.

Cavity wall insulation

Again, this involves an installation cost, but will pay for itself a short while after as your energy usage goes down. A typical saving on a detached house can be over £300 a year, while those in a semi-detached property could save around £475, and mid-terrace owners almost £400.

Floor insulation

This is another way to minimise heat loss throughout your house and improve overall comfort. The heat-saving measure could also see you make savings of £75 a year for a detached house and £45 a year for a detached property.

Double-glazed windows

Most houses nowadays are fitted with these from the get-go. However, if you live in an older property with single-glazed windows, upgrading to double is an incredibly simple way to reduce heat loss, and in turn spend in the long run. Research by the Energy Saving Trust shows that installing double glazing in a single glazed property could save you up to £120 a year.

Installing a smart thermostat

You may think “I already have a thermostat - why do I need a smart one?” as well as questioning whether this newer technology is actually going to cost you more. However, these smart tech climate assistants actually decrease your spending.

They are connected to your central heating system via the internet and give you the ability to turn your heating on and off, and change the temperature, all from your smartphone. No more worrying about whether you’ve left the heating on at home and are racking up a hefty bill. You are now in control of how much energy you’re using and the resulting cost.

With Boiler Plan, you receive a cutting edge smart tado° thermostat when you purchase a new combi boiler, and can have the thermostat fitted during the unit’s installation at no extra cost.

Read more about smart thermostats and getting your hands on one in our dedicated guide.

Opt for an up-to-date energy efficient boiler

Older boilers are much less energy-efficient than newly developed models, not to mention that as a unit gets older, more faults are likely to develop. This often means that you can spend more money fixing an older boiler than on buying a new up-to-date energy-efficient model.

Check out our page on boiler brands and benefits to find one that’s right for your home or consult our guide on buying a new boiler for more information on factors you should be taking into consideration before making a purchase.

On average, boilers last between 10-15 years or longer if they are serviced regularly. Therefore, taking the plunge and ordering a new one will see you comfortably into the next decade, with much lower monthly gas bills.

Additionally, you don’t have to break the bank splurging on the new model in one huge payment. Here at Boiler Plan, we have a range of flexible boiler finance payment plans to make buying a new boiler easier and more affordable, including Buy Now Pay Later and 2 year 0% APR.

Discover our full range of payment plans and receive an instant online quotes.

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Book an annual boiler service to keep bills low

An annual boiler service is a great way to ensure that the unit is in great shape and catches any developing issues early and reduces the chance of any unexpected boiler repair bills. Servicing your boiler keeps you safe, allows you to budget better and saves you money in the long-term.

Signing up to Boiler Plan Plus, in addition to your purchase of a new unit, includes an annual service which will help keep your bills low and offer extra peace of mind. When purchased in combination with your manufacturer warranty, you’ll have complete protection against faults in your central heating system.

You can also opt for a Boiler Cover plan, from just £6 a month, which grants you an annual service and carbon monoxide test. You can read more about the dangers of carbon monoxide in relation to your heating system by reading our dedicated in-depth carbon monoxide guide.