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Ideal boilers repair guide 

Is your Ideal boiler on the blink? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

In this guide, we’ll explain the common Ideal boiler errors, reasons why they’re not working and what you can do to either fix the issues yourself or get in touch with an engineer who can help.

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Common Ideal boiler problems

Below is a list of common Ideal Boiler problems that could be affecting your system:

Lockout due to low boiler pressure 

Ideal boilers will slowly lose pressure over the years, especially if you don't repressurise them. Low pressure in the system will cause your boiler to go into lockout mode, this prevents the boiler from working, to stop any future damage until the correct pressure has been implemented within the boiler.

No hot water

If your system won’t provide hot water on demand, don't worry too much as there are many reasons why this could happen - possible causes could be broken diaphragms and airlocks, issues with the thermostat, low water levels or failure of motorised valves. You should get a repair engineer out to find the issue, as it could be something simple.

Boiler is leaking

This is a serious issue that should be fixed as soon as physically possible - the longer you leave an issue like this, the more damage will be done to your boiler and potentially the rest of the central heating system.

Boiler keeps making banging noises

If your boiler is making a banging noise then you may be experiencing “kettling” - this is often caused by a build-up of sludge & limescale within the system and will need to be dealt with as soon as possible, as it could cause serious damage if not repaired.

Condensate pipe blocked 

The condensate pipe is a wastewater pipe that dumps out harmful gases and excess water produced during heating. Most modern homes have an internal condensate pipe, but if you have an external pipe then the wastewater inside could freeze when the weather takes a turn for the worse, causing your boiler to lockout.

This is an easy issue to fix as you just need to thaw the pipe slowly, read our full guide here.


Ideal boiler error codes

Ideal boilers can give us with a lot of information through their fault codes, helping professional engineers get a head start when undertaking a repair.

  • Ignition failure – after three failed ignition attempts, the unit will lockout. This is marked by an orange light.
  • Low water pressure – marked by an F1 error code, a sudden drop may be caused by a leak in the system or recently bled radiators.
  • Flame loss – marked by an F2 error code, this can be the result of many issues such as a faulty fan, low gas supply or pressure, or component failure.

Check out our Ideal fault code guide if you have any error fault codes that weren't listed above.

Ideal Boiler playing up?

Let our experts take care of it with an emergency repair

If your Ideal boiler isn’t heating up, you may need to seek help from an engineer.

Our Boiler Plan Gas Safe experts will point out any work that needs to be carried out, they'll also provide a fixed price repair quote.

With our 24 hour emergency repair and 95% first time fix rate, we’ll have your heating up and running again in no time.

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Do I need an engineer to fix my Ideal boiler?

There are always going to be issues you can fix quickly without having to be qualified. Check out our list below that will let you know if there’s a problem you can tackle yourself, or if you need to get an engineer in to help.


Possible Cause

Do you need an engineer?

No heat or hot water

Issues with the airlocks, failure of motorised valves, thermostat or low water levels


Leaking and dripping

Most commonly there will be a broken internal component inside your boiler. 


Banging, whistling or gurgling noises

Air trapped in the system, or water pressure is too low (kettling).


Losing pressure

Leak in your central heating system, pressure relief valve will need to be replaced - or your radiators have been bled recently and will need a top up.

No, unless there’s a leak

Frozen condensate pipe

A fault code will be displayed on your boiler - usually with a warning notification


Thermostat issues

Thermostat may not be connected properly, or it’s turned off or not set to the correct time or settings.

Consider replacing


Your heat exchanger has a build-up of lLimescale or sludge.


Radiators not getting hot

A build-up of sludge or air with in the system or wrong distribution of heat.

Just bleed your radiators. You can do this by yourself or get an engineer. 

Boiler keeps switching itself off

Lack of water pressure or water flow - could also be air trapped in the system or the circulating pump isn’t working correctly. 


Do I need to replace my Ideal Boiler?

If your Ideal boiler is over 10 years old or needs a new expensive part, such as a heat exchanger, then it may be more cost-effective to replace your boiler with an A-rated energy efficient boiler instead of repairing it.

Boiler Plan offers a variety of finance options, including a 24-month interest-free plan, so we try to make a new boiler as affordable as possible. You can get a free personalised quote for your home and heating system by clicking the button below.

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How much does an Ideal boiler cost?

Whether you’re looking for a cheap boiler replacement or you want to invest in a high-quality brand that will give you peace of mind and longevity; we have broken down the costs for you.

A new Ideal combi boiler is one of the most affordable boiler brands - making your home a more comfortable and indeed safer space to live in. With the price ranging from £1500 - £2800 depending on the chosen model.

The cost can also be made less overwhelming with our payment plans, which offer customers flexible ways to pay for top-rated boiler brands. From interest-free to Buy Now Pay Later - allowing you to spread the cost over a more manageable period.

Do I need an Ideal boiler cover?

Protect your Ideal Boiler with a Care Plan.

There are a whole host of possible faults to be mindful of when it comes to your Ideal heating unit. Which is why it’s best to be protected should anything unforeseen happen to your own heating system.

With our range of affordable care plans, there’ll be no need to fluster should you see a fault code.

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