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Should you get boiler cover?

Boiler cover plans are designed to help you save money should your boiler breakdown.
In this guide, we’ll explain different boiler covers and why they're worth it.

Nobody wants to come home to a broken boiler, particularly as it can be one of the more expensive things to fix in your home.
Below we'll take a look at how boiler cover can help, the different types available and most importantly, why you should have it.

What is a boiler cover plan?

A cover plan is a policy you can take out that will cover your boiler in the event of a breakdown. They can be called cover plans, heating cover or care plans but they're usually the same thing. 

Cover often comes in a monthly price, so it's more affordable than forking out a lump sum. Depending on the level of cover, you shouldn't have to pay for call-out charges or any of the potentially costly work that's carried out. Should the worst happen and your boiler can't be repaired, there are some plans that will help finance a replacement unit.

One way to put your mind at ease and ensure you’re not left in the cold is investing in one of our various boiler care plans. We have no-fuss, no quibble agreements, as we like to keep things nice & simple.

How much is boiler cover?

The monthly cost of a care plan will differ depending on your level of cover, which can range from annual servicing and testing only, to more comprehensive plans that cover parts & labour. Simply put, the better your plan, the more money you'll have to spend.

The payment will be taken from your account automatically each month for the term of your agreement. For instance, all of our care plans last for 12 months from the date they are accepted. Given the money it could save you in the long term, you should probably think of this small monthly payment as one of your more important bills.

One thing to note is that if you have spent your plan’s allocated call outs and repairs, or even if you have unlimited call-outs and find yourself regularly ringing an engineer, it is usually a sign that your appliance is beyond economic repair. In which case, it may be time for a new boiler.

Is boiler cover worth it?

In a word, definitely. While it may be expensive to pay for a new heating system, it could prove even more expensive to have it continuously repaired over the years. Or worse still, replaced prematurely.

More modern combi units can sometimes be more complicated and costly to fix than the previous cast-iron ones they replaced. This means that a heating cover plan with zero excess, unlimited callouts and covers parts & labour could be money well spent.

Manufacturers require an annual service to be carried out in order to protect your warranty. So, having even a basic service plan is essential if you don’t want to be forking out over £70 minimum for every service.

Protect Your Central Heating with a Care Plan from Boiler Plan

It’s clear that in order to ensure that your central heating system is protected from potentially expensive and unexpected faults, that some level of cover is highly advisable. At Boiler Plan we have a range of plans that cover boilers both in and out of warranty, so you can have complete peace of mind that you won’t be left in the cold should the worst happen.

Whatever plan you choose, each comes with an annual service to ensure your system is fully maintained and ready to keep your home reliably warm

Choose from:

  • Service PlanBoiler service every year to ensure it’s working correctly
  • Gold PackageIncludes: 3 call outs per year, annual service, carbon monoxide test.
  • Platinum PackageIncludes: Unlimited call outs, all parts and labour, repairs to the entire heating system, £500 towards a replacement boiler.
  • Boiler Plan Plus Package - For those with a Boiler still in warranty. Includes: Unlimited call outs, all parts and labour, repairs to the rest of your entire heating system.
Take out a care plan

What happens in the event of a breakdown?

So, your boiler isn’t working and it’s the middle of winter? Great. We often take our heating systems for granted until we’re left shivering in the cold. If yours stops working, or you notice it's not working properly e.g. there's no hot water and your radiators are cold, then it’s time to get it repaired.

If it's an emergency, we can send around an engineer within 24 hours. 

After inspecting your appliance, the engineer will then talk through your options and what your care plan and manufacturer warranty covers.

If yours isn’t working, you should:

  • Check to make sure that there isn’t a simple solution, i.e. has the heating unit or thermostat been accidentally switched off?
  • Turn your boiler off and on again.
  • If there’s no obvious solution, it’s time to call a gas safe engineer. Most care plans will cover any call out charges. 
  • While you wait for an engineer to come round, put on extra layers of clothing, dig out the hot water bottles and get under a blanket - especially if you have children or elderly people living with you.

What are the different types of cover?

There are varying types of care plans available, with each differing slightly depending on the provider. Below are examples of our care plans:

Annual Service Plans - If your appliance is still in warranty and you need to keep it valid, a basic service plan is perfect. This includes an annual service to check whether your system is safe, operational & efficient - as well as a carbon monoxide test.

Gold cover - If your system doesn’t have a valid warranty,  this could be the solution. The Gold cover plan will provide an adequate number of call-outs per year, as well as an annual service. It also includes repairs to your boiler and its immediate attachments. The cost of labour is included, while parts are usually charged at list price. 

Platinum cover – Depending on the company you choose, this could also be labelled as a premium cover. In addition to your boiler and its immediate attachments, platinum cover incorporates repairs to the central heating system, including radiators, pipes & fittings. Both parts & labour are included in the price and callouts are unlimited.  

Should the worst happen, the platinum plan will even provide financial help to replace your central heating system if a callout hasn’t resolved the problem

For more information on how to look after your central heating system, check out our Advice Centre.