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Is an annual boiler service necessary?

Boilers are an absolute necessity for any household, but they often breakdown and need repairing. To keep them happy, healthy & fighting fit we recommend getting an annual boiler service.

Here are just some of the many reasons you should never skip on an annual boiler service.

Boiler service health and safety Carbon monoxide

Safety first – Carbon Monoxide can kill

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is produced when fuel doesn’t burn properly, usually from badly fitted or poorly maintained appliances.

You can’t see, smell or taste carbon monoxide - which is why it is so often called "the silent killer". Carbon monoxide poisonings have increased by 32% since 2014. 

We’d highly recommend getting your boiler serviced annually by a gas safe registered engineer to make sure your boiler is happy & healthy.

Boiler service energy efficient pay less for heating

Can a boiler service reduce heating costs?

A boiler service will make sure your boiler system is working efficiently - which means you'll be using less energy and can save money on your heating bills.

A gas safe engineer will make sure your boiler is running as best as it can ensuring reliability, efficiency and increasing its lifespan.

Boiler cover annual service to keep it valid

Valid boiler cover

If you have boiler cover in place, we'd recommend you read the small print - as you'll likely be liable for any issues if you don't have your boiler serviced annually. This is a standard for most cover plans as a service will ensure your boiler is healthy and shouldn't breakdown in the not too distant future. 

If you don't have a care plan in place, we offer a variety of Heating Care Plans that will help keep your boiler fighting fit.

Boiler service keeps boiler warranty valid

Does an annual service help maintain warranty?

If your boiler comes with a warranty make sure you check the small print. In most cases, your warranty is only valid if you get your boiler serviced annually.

So, if you skip out on the yearly check-up, you won’t be covered for future breakdowns or repairs.

Boiler service keep boiler healthy happy and efficient

Prevention is better than a cure

Getting your boiler serviced regularly means faults can be spotted earlier on and can be fixed quickly, simply and more affordably.

This is a great way to get ahead of the game which means you'll have less to worry about it when it comes to your boiler.

Annual boiler service ensures heating peace of mind

Peace of mind

During an annual boiler service, the engineer will carry out a number of safety checks to make sure everything is working as best as physically possible, this will ensure there's less chance of a major issue. 

So, if you book a boiler service annually we can guarantee you'll get a great nights sleep not having to worry about your boiler. 

Don’t hesitate - book your annual boiler service now