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Does it cost to move a boiler to a new location?

Boiler taking up unnecessary space in your kitchen or you just want it hidden from plain view? Whatever your reasoning we've put together a guide to let you know where's best for a new location, how much it'll cost & how long it will take to do.

Where is the best location to put a combi boiler?

Moving your boiler is a big task and the decision shouldn't be taken lightly. If you really want to move the boiler you'll need to think about how practical the new location will be. For example, if the pressure in your boiler drops and needs to be increased will it be in a sensible position for you to do this? A boiler can't just be shoved snuggly into a tiny cupboard, they need some space for any future repairs or services.

Also, you'll need to think about how achievable it would be to install the boiler in its new location. If you're moving from a kitchen to garden shed, the boiler still needs a wastewater pipe, so if there isn't a nearby location to safely dispose of wastewater you'll be looking at an increase in cost to make it more feasible.  

So, the best location to put a combi boiler is one that is both accessible & achievable - other than that it's completely up to you.

How much does it cost to move a boiler?

Every home is different and the price of moving a boiler depends on a few things; does it need a horizontal or vertical flue? How much pipework is needed? Does it need a new magnetic filter? Will it be connected to a thermostat? Where is it located in the home? 

The total cost can range from £2000-£4000 depending on the amount of work necessary, but on average you'll be looking at around £2,400 - give or take £200. Figures provided are an estimate and like we've said it all depends on how much work is needed to achieve your dream location. 

The price could also increase if you’re switching from one type of system to another, i.e. you have a regular heat only boiler and are swapping to a combi boiler - this type of conversion relocation can cost around £3,000.

How long does it take to move a boiler?

When moving the location of a boiler you have to take moving pipework into consideration too - this will absolutely add extra time/cost to the job but it is necessary for any boiler relocation. 

A like-for-like swap will take around one day. A new boiler in a new location should take up to 2 days, and if your new boiler is being moved from a garage to a loft it will take up to 3 days. This is all rough estimates as any complications will obviously cause the relocation more time to complete.

Can you put a boiler in the loft?

Most locations are usually possible, yes you can install a boiler in the loft - but that doesn't mean it's the best choice. You'll need to think about the repercussions associated with moving a boiler to the loft - such as hot water taking longer to reach the downstairs taps, resulting in wasted water & energy. Lack of accessibility is a key issue for loft installations too, you should be able to reach a boiler easily to quickly fix any issues that arise -  forgetting & neglecting a boiler is the easiest way to cause major heating issues. 

After your boiler has been installed make sure to have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted, to decrease the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning and keep an eye on any pressure changes within the boiler - as it will take time for your new system to settle into its new location and could need repressuring to work efficiently.