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How long does it typically take to fit a new boiler?

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade or change your boiler's type, location or fuel but didn’t know how much work & time goes into it, then this guide will help answer the many questions you may have. 

Same boiler type in the same position: 6 - 10 hours

When you're upgrading the same type of boiler from an old inefficient one to a new & more energy-efficient model this is what's known as a “straight swap” in the industry. You'll often get this installation when your central heating is working well but your boiler is either broken or too old and needs to be upgraded. 

They are one of the quickest boiler installations we can offer. This can be done by one engineer in less than a day, taking 6 to 10 hours on average to complete.


Move the location of your boiler: 1–2 days

If you’re happy with your current boiler but think it’s in a location that’s not so great, you can always choose to move the boiler to a more suitable area.

This isn't an easy job and requires new pipework to be installed, electric power & thermostat cables to be connected and a small amount of structural work may be necessary to create space for the flue and overflow. 

This will usually be completed by one engineer within 2 days.

Installing a brand new combi boiler: 1–2 days

If you’re moving into a brand new home without heating & hot water and want a brand new combi boiler installed, it's likely going to take the same amount of time as moving the location of a boiler - as the work involved is very similar. It should take an engineer 2 days to complete. 

If you're moving to a new home that doesn't have any central heating, then that will increase the workload significantly. It could take anywhere between 1-2 weeks for a gas safe engineer, as it involves lifting carpets & flooring, laying pipework and installing radiators.

Changing to a combi boiler: 2-3 days

If you’ve been thinking about converting your current boiler to a combi, this will likely take an engineer 2 -3 days. This is mostly due to dismantling & safely removing old boiler parts and components, such as a cold water storage tank or heating cylinder. 

The quickest part of the conversion is removing the old boiler and swapping it out for a new energy-efficient combi. 

The above time frame is only if you want the boiler in the same place, if you also want to change the location that will likely take 3 – 4 days instead.

Changing fuel type: 2 – 3 days

If you’re installing a new boiler but also want to change your current fuel type to gas, oil or electric, it will likely take 2-3 days due to the amount of extra plumbing and electrical work involved. 

How long does a boiler service take?

An annual service varies depending on the brand & model of boiler, but on average it will take up to 1 hour.

After a service, your engineer will explain what they've done. Take this time to ask any burning questions you've wanted to know about your boiler, they're heating experts who love all things boilers, so they'll be more than happy to help.

Benefits of annual boiler service

Save on your fuel bill

An annual check ensures that your boiler is as energy-efficient as possible, helping to keep fuel bills low.

Keep your boiler safe

Regularly getting your boiler checked over will ensure it's producing heat safely and that all parts are operating as best they can - reducing the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning

To keep your warranty valid

If your boiler’s within its warranty period, you'll be obligated to get your boiler checked annually or you’ll forfeit your warranty.

CP12 Certification

Landlords, we’ve got you covered - we offer a CP12 certificate when you book an annual service with us.