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Potterton Boiler Fault Codes

Your Potterton boiler is one of the most technical appliances in your home. It is also one that you may take for granted until something goes wrong.

Luckily, boilers are clever enough to provide clues to the problem in the form of fault codes. Here we run through them all and what they mean.

What does my Potterton Boiler Fault Code mean?

Potterton boilers can give us with a lot of information through their fault codes, helping professional engineers get a head start when undertaking a repair.

Fault code Fault


Gas valve connection cable fault


External probe fault


The differential water flow switch is still open


The differential water flow switch is still closed


Fault with the gas valve command


Central heating negative temperature coefficient (NTC) fault


Flue negative temperature coefficient (NTC) fault


Central heating return negative temperature coefficient (NTC) fault


Domestic hot water (DHW) negative temperature coefficient (NTC) sensor (tank boiler) (s.c) or DHW NTC sensor (tank boiler) (o.c.) Fault

E83 / E84 / E85 / E86 / E87

Communication error


Pre-circulation fault


Boiler Max temperature exceeded for gradient (or overtemperature) Probable pump jammed or air in the circuit or Safety thermostat sensor tripped


Primary system water pressure too low


Primary circulation fault


Flame failure (12 times)


Frequent loss of flame (safety error )


Flue thermostat sensor tripped and locked out


Possible gas supply issue (failure to light)


Elapsed time gas valve open without gas


Internal error (interruption of gas supply)


Flow/return sensor temperature test


Problem with fan (possible wiring fault)


Domestic hot water (DHW) negative temperature coefficient (NTC) sensor fault (s.c.) or DHW NTC sensor fault (o.c.)


Dry fire


Wrong power supply (HZ)


Hot water fault


False flame


Under voltage


Water pressure test

E430 + Flame crossed

Water pressure test failed

What is NTC?

An NTC or ‘Negative Temperature Coefficient’ is a type of thermistor (or thermal resistor).

Basically, it’s an electrical component that helps to regulate the temperature of your boiler. So, when you set your heating to a certain temperature it will make sure your boiler stays at that temperature.

Potterton Boiler Safety Warning

When your Potterton boiler error codes or fault lights flash, don’t do any repair work that involves working with gas as you are required to be Gas Safe Registered by law.

Here at Boiler Plan all our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and will do an amazing job with any Potterton boiler repair work you may need.

Protect your Potterton Boiler with a Care Plan

There are a whole host of possible faults to be mindful of when it comes to your combi boiler. Which is why it’s best to be protected should anything unforeseen happen to your own heating system.

With our range of affordable care plans, there’ll be no need to fluster should you see a fault code.

Whatever plan you choose, each comes with an annual service to ensure your system is fully maintained and ready to keep your home reliably warm

Choose from:

  • Service PlanBoiler service every year to ensure it’s working correctly
  • Gold PackageIncludes: 3 call outs per year, annual service, carbon monoxide test.
  • Platinum PackageIncludes: Unlimited call outs, all parts and labour, repairs to the entire heating system, £500 towards a replacement boiler.
  • Boiler Plan Plus Package - For those with a Boiler still in warranty. Includes: Unlimited call outs, all parts and labour, repairs to the rest of your entire heating system.
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