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Top tips to keep you cool with the office thermostat

Top tips to keep you cool with the office thermostat

In an ideal world, your office would be toasty warm in winter and reasonably chilled in summer. However. our research shows that more than half of us (52%) have argued with colleagues because we're too hot or too cold in the office.

In fact, many of us have taken it even further, with just over 1 in 7 (14.5%) having made a formal complaint to HR and, if you think that's drastic, around 1 in 8 (12.3%) of Brits have gone as far as to damage the thermostat at work!

Amongst bust-ups, falling out with our co-workers and sending passive-aggressive emails, Brits also admit that the office being too warm or too cold for them is more annoying than their coworkers stealing food, pinching milk, boasting about their

fitness routines or giving away TV or film spoilers. Here in Britain, we're serious about heating.

But what can we do to avoid breaking the thermostat or feuding with a colleague? We've collated some tips to keep you chilled (or warm!), whatever the weather.

Too hot?


Cool drinks

If you're too warm at the office, take it easy on the brews. You might be tempted by a cuppa, but that'll only exacerbate the situation. Why not bring your own juice to work and keep it chilled in the fridge, or take a trip to the water machine? You'll definitely appreciate a nice, cold beverage in sweltering office conditions.

Wear cotton

You'll probably want to avoid heavy synthetic fabrics if you know you'll be sweating it out at your desk all day. Opt for light, flowy cotton garments that won't trap all of your body heat, leaving you feeling agitated and drafting a

formal temperature complaint. Also, avoid dark colours that absorb heat - stick to white and other light hues.

Bring a fan

If you work at a desk, chances are you'll have access to your own set of plugs in your workspace, so why not bring a desk fan to work for your own personal cooling purposes? If you don't have a power source immediately available, think about investing in a decent battery-powered fan instead.

Avoid spicy food

It's best to avoid spice while you're at work. While a microwave curry or a spicy chicken sandwich might be your lunch-time craving, you'll be regretting it if it's so hot lt leaves you sweating. Opt for a cold meal, like a wrap or salad, to satisfy your hunger and avoid sweating at your desk.

Forget the jacket

It's hard to dress for the temperature in winter as while many of us will wrap up for the walk (no matter if it's just

from the car park to the office), the heating is invariably on full blast once we get inside. If you know you're going to get to work and be roasting in winter, make sure you're wearing a removable jacket. Don't get caught out in a big woolly jumper with nothing underneath!

Too cold?

Hot drinks

If you're shivering at work, remedy a dire situation with a nice cup or tea, coffee or hot chocolate. You'll definitely be warmed by a nice hot beverage in freezing climates. Plus, you can even use your mug as a hand warmer!

Bring a blanket

It goes without saying to wrap up warm on a winter's day. But things might not seem so simple if it's actually the air conditioning blazing down your neck that's causing a chill. If you're unlucky enough to be sat underneath a cold air fan why not introduce a blanket to your workspace to keep you snug at your arctic office?

Hot water bottle

The hot water bottle is an often-forgotten gem when it comes to keeping warm at the office. So simple, so easy to use - the hot water bottle is a timeless bit of heating kit that won't let you down (and more importantly won't take up any plug space).

Hearty meal

Make sure to eat something that will fill you up in the winter months. You'll want a warm meal - such as soup or pasta - to get you through your icy tundra of a workday while keeping your appetite at bay.

Move more

Fight the chill with a brisk walk around the office. Take every opportunity you can to get on your feet and move around - even if it's just to make a lovely, warm cuppa. The more you move, the warmer you'll be, so try to avoid just sitting at your desk and slowly freezing.