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We’re still here, taking every necessary safety precaution & can be at your home within 48 hours. More info

Covid-19 update

Can I have my boiler fitted during the lockdown?

We can absolutely install, service or repair your boiler during the lockdown.
If you’re unlucky enough to have a broken boiler, then we’re here to make sure you have heating & hot water within 48 hours.

What can I do to minimize the risks?

Ask yourself “Is this work urgent?” If it’s not and you still have heating & hot water, then the work should not be carried out until the lockdown has been lifted.

If the work is urgent then please get in touch with us and let us know if you’ve been on holiday to places that have a coronavirus outbreak, or you or a member of your household has been experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

If your home is symptom-free then during installation or repair of your boiler, please clean the areas around the boiler such as the kitchen, airing cupboard or garage – so there’s no chance one of our gas safe engineers can touch any unclean surface on arrival.

After that please keep clear of our engineers and enforce social distancing of at least 6ft.

What should I ask engineers before they start the work?

Before work commences, you should ask the engineers how are they minimising the risk, what health & safety precautions are they taking and if they’re showing any symptoms of the coronavirus.

If anything seems off to you, get in touch with the company and speak to a manager and let them and the engineer know you’re not happy with work continuing - do this as soon as physically possible.

If everything seems in order, feel free to ask the engineer what you can do to help the situation i.e. Social distancing, cleaning down workspaces or allowing them the use of your bathroom.  

How are Boiler Plan protecting their customers?

During this difficult time, we want you to know we’re here to help you get a new boiler installed, serviced or repaired. We’re doing everything in our power to get to you and make sure you have heating & hot water – especially anyone in dire need.

To protect our customer & engineers during a boiler installation:

  • A risk assessment will be carried out before entering the home.
  • We will thoroughly clean any surface around the workspace, before and after installation
  • Our engineers will wear disposable work gloves & masks.
  • No handshake on arrival and will stay at least 6 foot away from any person at a time.
  • Any engineers who have symptoms will not be working and will self-isolate.

We’re taking every safety precaution we can when installing your boiler because we want to make sure you’re warm and safe during this challenging time. Plus, if you’re working from home, we want to make sure you keep warm and stay cosy until things get better.

What should I do if I have work booked in during the lockdown?

Boilers are currently being put on more strain than usual, as households are using more heating & hot water.

So, if you've had work booked in that you think is essential, then it should absolutely be carried out - as long your household isn't showing any coronavirus symptoms, and you haven't been on holiday to a place that has a coronavirus outbreak. 

When an engineer comes to your home please stay in a different room or at least 6ft away, as social distancing & good hygiene should be maintained as much as possible.


We’re taking every precaution for your safety, as well as our staff.

Your happiness puts a smile on our face.