Save up to £350 per year on gas bills with a new boiler

It’s estimated that your central heating accounts for around 60% of what you spend each year on energy bills.  Therefore, an energy efficient boiler could make a huge difference to your household gas bills and save you money.

Modern combi boilers are all condensing boilers, this means they are more efficient as they have a larger heat exchanger allowing them to recover more heat and send the cooler gases up the flue.  Combi boilers are also efficient at heating water too as they only heat the water, and the amount you need, as you use it.  As a result they have no hot water cylinder and required less space in your home too.

It’s important that you fit the right type of boiler for your home, if you currently have an older boiler you could be losing £££’s on your annual gas bills.  The good news is, you can reduce this amount and even save on your annual gas bills by installing a new A+ rated energy efficient combi boiler.  Check out the table below and see how much you could be saving each year.


Old boiler rating Semi detached house Detached house Detached bungalow Mid terrace house Mid floor flat
G ( < 70%) £215 £350 £180 £175 £95
F (70–74%) £145 £240 £125 £120 £65
E (74–78%) £115 £190 £95 £95 £50
D (78–82%) £85 £140 £70 £70 £35
Source: energy trust savings website March 2017. Savings are ‘up to’ and depend on the age and efficiency of your current boiler.

The overall image portrayed is that savings are there to be made in nearly every case, as new boilers are providing up to 90% efficiency, some old boiler’s mainly non-condensing boilers in the UK are operating at around 60-70% efficiency.

Age of the boiler plays a major factor in the efficiency levels dropping, coupled with a lack of good maintenance, is all likely to lead to in-efficiencies.

At Boiler Plan UK, we only install the best quality A+ rated boilers from the top brands. Plus all our boilers come with a free warranty, so we can save you money on your gas bills with a more efficient boiler and against any boiler cover you might be paying.

Why not request a quote and give us the opportunity to help you become more efficient with your energy and your monthly costs.

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