Tips on making big savings!

Today we will look at 3 big financial expenditures in the house and how these can actually save you money.

Plasma TV, car, leather sofa … These are all some of the big expenditures that you pay for in and around your home, however what many people fail to realise is that some other big expenditures which provide less entertainment can actually save you a lot of money throughout the year, if you purchase the right product from the right place.

  1. Double Glazing

According to the energy saving trust you can save around £170 pounds a year, that’s around 34 bottles of wine a year or 43 rump steaks throughout the year, you get the idea.
This is a very competitive industry so make sure you look around for the best deals, getting as many quotes as possible.

  1. A+ efficient Boiler

Take hot water out of the house and you are left with a house with un-happy residents in there. It’s a central hub for the house, but people are not really bothered about boilers as we take hot water and heating for granted, so you let your boiler rot away until it breaks.
What people fail to realise is that switching your boiler can save you on average £290 a year from being more efficient, now that’s a lot more money to treat your self!
Also in regards to boilers, make sure you look around for the best deals, the most popular companies are currently the most expensive companies out there! For example some firms would charge you £18 for boiler insurance and others like, Boiler Plan give it to you for free.

  1. Mortgage

Unless your buying a train ticket on the day you travel, your house is one of the most expensive things. So make sure the loan you are using is the best available, for example if you are paying your lenders full standard variable rate (SVR), you re likely to be paying easily £200 pounds a year more than you should be, make sure you ask your provider about this if you are un-clear.
The latest best buy mortgage deals are from: HSBC and Yorkshire bank, so we would recommend looking into those two.
One last tip if you can afford to make overpayments, then do it, for example if you can overpay £100 a month on a 100,000 mortgage at 6% you could save £25,000 in interest and you will have your mortgage paid off early!

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